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The free software on this page is provided as a service to our customers and to the community. If you find them useful please let us know. No support or warranty of any kind is offered.

OpenVPN Service Control
Windows binary to control the OpenVPN service. Creates an icon in the system tray showing the current status of the OpenVPN service and allowing the user to stop or start it. Useful in situations when you would like to automatically start the OpenVPN service when the machine boots up but also would like to be able to easily check status and control it.

VBScript to sort a VMWare VMX file into sections based on the text before the period in the file to make it easier to read and edit manually. (Note: since the entire file is being sorted comments in the existing file are removed.)

VBScript to randomize the virtual hardware address (MAC address) of a VMWare virtual network adapter.

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